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Loss Prevention Training (LPT)

Why choose a career in loss prevention?
Loss Prevention is one of the fastest growing fields. It is an exciting and rewarding career choice which has endless opportunities. You can begin working full time, or if you like, take this as a great part time opportunity. Once you become a loss prevention agent, you can move on to be a loss prevention trainer, District Loss Prevention Manager, Loss Prevention Investigator, and the list goes on. Now, is this the right career choice for you? Lets take a look.

Are you...

In the military or have prior military experience?
One of the qualifications employers look for in this career path is prior military service. This is a great opportunity for you to transition back into the civilian world.

A college student or a criminal justice major?
Loss prevention and criminal justice go hand in hand. If you are in college, you will find that loss prevention is a great opportunity for you to get into a field, either part time or full time, to help you put some of your knowledge to work. This is true whether your major is CJ, Management, or even if you are indecisive, loss prevention is right for you.

Interested in law enforcement?
Are you interested in going into law enforcement, but arent quite sure if its for you? Loss prevention offers you a lot of the similar job functions you would find in law enforcement, such as apprehending shoplifters, report writing, interviewing subjects, testifying in court, etc. If you think law enforcement is for you, but need to be certain, loss prevention is a great way to find out, and obtain invaluable experience law enforcement agencies look for.

Wanting to make a difference?
We live in different times. Loss prevention professionals are making a difference every day by fighting against dishonesty, theft, and corporate fraud every day.

Tired of your current job, need a career?
Loss prevention is a very exciting a rewarding career, remember, you can always go out and get a job, but how often do you get the opportunity to start a new career? What are you waiting for.... Call Us Now and begin your new career tomorrow.

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