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Dignitary Services

Executive Protection consists of much more than the visible working shift. It begins with an understanding of the possible threats and includes the initial assessment, daily protective detail operations, advance security preparations, technical support and finally intelligence input. Executive Protection, to be effective, must be carefully organized, thoroughly rehearsed and methodically conducted. There are no short cuts.
Our mission is to provide clients with discrete, effective, and confidential protection. Our goal is to provide protection that will enhance, not hinder, the clients ability to do business with confidence and focus, keeping his/her edge. Our agents are versed in all aspects of protection, providing the client with the peace of mind so important in today's busy world. Leave the job of protection to the professionals.
The following services are among the many that can be provided by Executive Security Group's Close Protection Agents:

• Close Protection Operations
• Anti-Stalking Operations
• Travel security/domestic and international
• Professional driving services - motorcades, escape and evasive specialists
• Advance intelligence of: hotels, restaurants, transportation services, etc.
• Surveillance, Surveillance Detection, and Counter Surveillance operations

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